A cone flower in my wife's garden.

Bleeding hearts.



A red breasted woodpecker.

Me in my rented Ferrari in Oahu.

A Maui sunset where my wife and I were married in Napili Kai.

Took a helicopter ride over the active volcano on the big island of Hawaii.

An amazing sunset in Molokai.

A waterfall in Kauai.

Warbird Rides of America. You get stick time in a T-6, which was used for pilot training in WWII. I'm an avid PC pilot and love aerial
combat in WWI and WWII aircraft. I wanted to see if flying a plane in a PC game was enough training to fly a real plane. It was! I
performed all the combat manuevers and had a smile on my face that lasted for days!

M*A*S*H Helicopter rides. You get stick time in a Bell 47, which was used during the Korean war. You get to hover and to go from point A to point B, taking off and landing. I have to say flying the real chopper is easier than doing the flight sim.

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