This is an exercise on painting some hills, a house, trees and a fence.

This is beautiful scene of a mountain lake. I learned how to paint trees, snow capped mountains,
and a mirrored lake.

Here's a winter wonderland. Had to add a deer looking the way the deer in our backyard look at us.

A lazy waterfall stream through the woods.

An old barn and an old truck.

Here's some wildlife living by a lake.

Birds enjoying a forest of birch trees.

A nature scene under a colorful sky.

Another scene with reflections of trees in the water.

A walking bridge through a path in the woods.

Here's a castle in the Scottish Highlands with a dragon flying overhead, looking for lunch.

A sunset in a marsh.

A hummingbird with a majestic backdrop.

Some birches with a snowy mountain in the distance.

A snowy village.

A serene sunset on a lake.

A lakeside home.

Some robins enjoying an old mailbox on a deserted road, taken over by flowers.

A stream in the mountains.

A mountain vista.

A cabin hidden in the woods.

A scenic lake with a mountain backdrop.

A rotten tree in a beautiful forest.

A fisherman on a scenic lake.

A snow covered barn by a frozen lake.

Some stormy clouds over a field.

A woodland setting under a yellow haze.

A woodland setting under a tranquil blue sky.

A marshy lake at sunset.

I think I've finally mastered painting a mountain with a knife.

Fun with clouds.

Another mountain scene by a lake.

A covered bridge in autumn.

Some of my backyard birds and flowers.

Here's a 1950 Ford pickup in the moonlight.

A frigid mountain scene.

A backlit tree in the forest.

A hazy lake scene.

A snowy lake scene.

A cottage with wild flowers.

A moonlight serenade.

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